Master Personal Trainer, John Terilli

I specialise in getting people into the best shape fo their lives, whether your are over 50, training for a contest and need help with posing, or just looking to lose weight I have what you need to get it done in a way that is:

If you think personal training is about a trainer counting reps and sets or yelling enthusiastically to get you to try harder, then you have chosen the wrong trainer. For me to get the best results for you I must become you. I need you to surrender yourself to the process. I need you to commit like an athlete, even though you may have never been one. I will set out a logical pathway for you turn your dream into a reality. My process is not telling you what I think , it’s about getting you to do what I know works. If it's about fat loss it's about knowing how to keep losing fat quickly and effectively. It's not a social relationship, chitchatting. It's about coaching to win the challenge you have set yourself. Every minute you are with me in a session must bring you one step closer to to the results you want.

I use a structured approach that is easy to follow, quick to implement and simple to maintain.

Everything else that has failed you has brought you here.

You think you know what you need, but you don't know what is actually necessary to achieve your goal. This is why you need me.

My goal is to make sure you get to the best version of yourself in the most effective way possible within the time you choose.

How Can I Help You?

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How Can I Help You?